FKB @ The Palindrome!

The Flying Karamazov Brothers

50 Years of Juggling and Cheap Theatrics

February 16-18, 2024

Performing at The Palindrome

1893 S Jacob Miller Rd, Port Townsend

The Flying Karamazov Brothers go ultimate local as Chen Pollina and Tomoki Sage, of NANDA fame, join Paul Magid (Dmitri Karamazov) and Jeremiah Meyer (Zukov Karamazov) to become fellow brothers Chenovski Karamazov and Tomoski Karamazov. 

The Flying Karamazov Brothers, who renovated the old dance barn at Arcadia and turned it into a community / performance space in 1987 return to the Palindrome with a full length FKB production for the first time in 30 years to debut their latest production, 5 decades in the making, “50 Years of Juggling and Cheap Theatrics”.  

The show will include signature bits such as the “gamble” where the boys bet a standing ovation against a pie in the face that they can juggle any 3 objects that the audience brings and then selects. Dmitri Karamazov (aka original member, Paul Magid, is the self proclaimed champ) get 3 tries, to juggle the objects for at least 10 counts. The objects have to be no lighter than an ounce, no heavier than 10 pounds, and no bigger than a bread box. The “champ” gets 3 modifications. the objects can not be a live animal or anything that will keep dmitri from being a live animal. We challenge you Port Townsend!


Friday 16

6:30 - Doors to Theater - 7:00 - Show 


Saturday 17

Matinee: 2:30 Doors - 3:00 Show 

Evening: 6:30 Doors - 7:00 Show 


Sunday 18

Matinee: 2:30 Doors - 3:00 Show 


First 3 rows of seating

Includes glass of cider


General Admission



Kids 12 and younger attending matinee shows on Saturday and Sunday will get a 50% discount!


*After the first 20 tickets price will go back to General Admission entrance ($30).